Visit New Balance Chiropractic

New Balance Chiropractic is unlike any chiropractic office you may ever experience. While private rooms are available upon request, most of Dr. Hill’s patients prefer to be cared for in the open adjusting room. As patients claim their seats and talk to their neighbors, Dr. Hill makes the rounds and works his magic hands one patient at a time. The average visit is short and sweet, allowing plenty of time for the doctor to assess each patient and discuss how he or she is feeling before delivering an adjustment. This “controlled chaos” approach works. Patients can easily see the doctor regularly while maintaining busy schedules.

When patients need lifestyle and nutrition advice or massage therapy, Dr. Hill’s team is at the ready.

Affordable Payments

New Balance Chiropractic offers fairly priced payment plans so families can afford care, regardless of insurance coverage. We are happy to discuss your financial situation and health needs in order to come up with a plan that works best for you.

Meet The New Balance Chiropractic Team