This is a game that is scored like golf:  the lower your score the better.  That being said you can achieve huge gains without ever coming close to a zero. Points are awarded for every deviation from the Paleo Diet at each meal/snack/bender and tallied for the day.  At the end of the month, the day’s tallies are totaled to give you your final Paleo-Score.

Points Guide:

10 points for every serving (approximately a handful) of:
Breads and Grains:
Slice of bread both white and wheat, ½ bagel, a pancake, slice of cake, slice pizza etc.
Cereal, Oats, millet etc.
Each bottle, can, or Pint is worth 3 points!  K
The only exception is Redbridge, a gluten-free beer by Anhieser Busch those are only worth 1pt.
Refined Sugars:
Candy, Cookies, Cakes, Sweeteners,
Milk, Cheese, yogurt, Kiefer
Anything with Trans Fat or a “partially hydrogenated” oil in its ingredients
1 point for every serving of:
That’s right all beans pinto, black, lentils, all of them even the dreaded peanut can mar your perfect scratch round of the paleo challenge.
Gluten Free Carbs
Rice, corn tortilla, potato , quinoa
Gluten Free Alcohol:
Tequila, Vodka, (with fresh lime juice), redbridge beer, wine (not cooking wine)- too much salt
“Natural” sweeteners:
Honey -raw and unfiltered only(1tsp), Molassas(1tsp), Dark Chocolate (2” square), Aguave –yeah its natural but its pure fructose!( ¼ teaspoon)
Whey protein?  Black Coffee/espresso?

35 point Extra-Bonus points will be added for the following heinous aberrations from all things Paleo:
McDonalds and GrandeFrappaMaciato,

Example Day: Gluten Free 14 point day.

Coffee+1, cream+1 and honey+1= 3 points
Banana, 2 eggs with Tabasco, 2 strips bacon+1 (salt)= 1

handful nuts unsalted, whey protein shake+1= 1

“Naked” burrito= no tortilla,  beef, chicken, lettuce, salsa, beans+1, rice+1= 2

Beef Jerky (unsweetened)

Big salad 1000 island dressing +1 (salt), Buffalo burgers without bun +1 (pickles), corn on the cob +1, tortilla chips and salsa +1, 2 shots tequila +2, chunk dark chocolate +1.

The Common Sense Rule:

If you eat something that was made in a factory and delivered to you to eat- give yourself a point.
You can get around all of the above rules with packaged products that are largely processed.  That may be a significant step in the right direction for you at a level of comfort you are comfortable with.  If you feel you are too busy to do this challenge any other way than go the prepackaged route.  Just mark a point with it to document your level of compliance.
Example: tofu/mushroom noodles-  no dairy, grain, salt, or beans with a low sodium marinara from the jar.