Consult theWorkout Key to scale the workout for you:

Bodyweight and Gymnastics Chart

Upper Body

HSPU Parralettes HSPUfrom floor Bench Jack knifed Down Dog style
Muscle Ups 3 ring dips/ 3 P-U’s Jumping/Assisted 3×3 assisted
Push-Ups Inclined PU’s PU’s from Knees Wall PU’s
Ring PushUps Inclined Push ups Wall PUs
Single Arm PUs From 1 knee Both Knees Against Wall
Box Press Jump up/walk down WalkUp/JumpDown Knees
Monkey Dive Incline From Knees Wall Asst.
Head Banger Narrow PushUp NarrowPU incline Narrow PU Wall asst.
Pull-ups Jumping Negetive Squat Assisted Horizontal Row
Dips Bench Dips Squat Asst. Squat Asst.
Ring Dips Bar Dips Bench Dips Squat Asst
Pass Through(PT) Single Arm PT
Kongs Legs up Single Leg
Weighted Pull-Up Decreased Weight Pull-Up Squat Asst.
Weighted Dip Decrease Weight Dip Squat Asst.


Sit-ups Cycles Hip Raise
Knees2Elbows (k2e) Bent arm k2e Jumping k2e cycles
Front Lever L-Sit Pullups Skin the Cat Knees 2 Elbow
Back Lever Tucked Back lever inchworm plank Glute/Ham Ext
Glute/Ham Ext Good Mornings Plank Knees Plank
Ice Cream Makers 1 front Lever/1 PU L-Sit Pull-up Knees 2 Elbow

Lower Body

Air Squats Pole/ Doorway Chair Squat
Overhead Squats Arms overhead Squat+passthrough (PT) Doorway +singel arm PT
Pistols Pole asst. Leg Back Pistols Air Squats
Doulbe Jumps 3x Single Jumps 3x Jump and Spin Line Hop
Walking Lunge Backstep Lunge Static Lunge
Box Jump 25″ JumpUp/Step Down StepUp/ JumpDown Standing Knees 2 Elbow
Burpees PU+Jump2Toes Plank+Jump2Toe AirSquat+knees plank
Stairs Run Up/ Walk Down Walk Up/ Walk Down
Bear Crawl Railing Bear Crawl Mountain Climber Inch Worm

Olympic Bar/Kettle Bell and Medicine Ball Movements

70 lbs kettle bell swing (US) 70 lbs KBSwing (Russian) Scale weeight as needed scale weight as needed
KB single arm clean KB Singe Arm High Row KB High Row
Thrusters #95/#135 Scale Wt as needed Med Ball Thrusters Broom Stick Thrusters
Deadlift#185/#225 Scale as needed Med ball Deadlift BroomstickGoodmorning
Ball Shot Ball Thruster
KB Walk #70 scale weight as needed “” “”
Sumo High Row#95 scale weight as needed “” “”
Hang Clean #95 scale weight as needed Sumo High Row
Clean and Jerk 1 hang clean+1 thruster 1 dead lift+1 push jerk broomstick c&j
Snatch scale wt. as needed shrugs +thruster broomstick snatch
Overhead Squat scale wt. as needed KB walk Pass through +squat
Back Squat1-1-1-1-1 3x3x3x3x3 5x5x5x5x5 10x10x10x10x10
Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1 3x3x3x3x3 5x5x5x5x5 10x10x10x10x10
Press HSPU Down Dog
Push Press HSPU Down Dog
Push Jerk Push Press HSPU Down Dog


KB= Kettle Bell
PU= Push Up
PR= Personal Record
WOD= Workout of the Day
MetCon= Metabolic Conditioning
ASST.= Assisted
#= Pounds

21-15-9 PU/sitpu means Do 21 of each, 15 of each, then 9 of each as fast as possible.