chiropractic-page-imageChiropractic care is usually understood as something to help back or neck pain, but this misses the true purpose of chiropractic.  The purpose of chiropractic is to help the body function and perform the way it was meant to and allow you to experience optimum wellness. Chiropractic does this by freeing the spine of any misalignments, or “subluxations” that have been caused by stress to the body. We experience all of life through our nervous system. Subluxations irritate the delicate nerves that exit the spine, causing the messages to and from the brain to be disrupted. Subluxations are a bit like having poor cell phone reception! A chiropractic adjustment helps remove that interference so your brain can communicate with your body perfectly, which allows your body to work the way it should. “People get used to not sleeping well or having allergies or headaches. They live with it for so long they start to think it’s normal. It’s not! Your body was meant to be healthy. Chiropractic helps people discover a better ‘normal.’” – Dr. Hill