Meet the Staff

At New Balance Chiropractic, you’ll find our staff to be overly helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable on how to best serve you and your family. Each staff member is fluent in both English and Spanish and is committed to helping you reach your true health potential.


Lilly first became a chiropractic patient at New Balance Chiropractic when she was 14. Her sister, Norma, had started working with Dr. Hill and told Lilly that he could help her low back pain. Lilly, along with her parents, became fans of chiropractic. Lilly not only loves working for Dr. Hill, but she is also studying to get her chiropractic license as well. Lilly says that working with Dr. Hill has changed her life. She not only got her first job, but has since learned how to live a healthy, positive lifestyle. Her favorite thing about chiropractic is seeing patients being able to walk again, or kids with asthma being able to play outside. She loves seeing their lives changed for the better!


Geno was introduced to chiropractic by her friends, Lilly and Norma who had been working for Dr. Hill. She initially came in for back pain but was excited to learn about the other benefits chiropractic can have and how important it is for a healthy nervous system. Because of the knowledge she gained, she was able make better choices in regards to her health. She started working at New Balance Chirorpactic just a few months later. She loves seeing the change in people’s lives when they start getting adjusted. Her favorite is seeing how happy and joyful they become when they don’t have to live in pain or suffer with other health issues.


Before working for Dr. Hill, Norma didn’t even know what chiropractic was. She had grown up liking a natural approach to healthcare, and she was excited to learn how chiropractic helps the body heal naturally. She had a lot of lower back pain growing up, but after getting regular chiropractic care, she no longer has any complaints. She was happy to see that the back pain didn’t even come back while being pregnant! Her favorite thing about working at New Balance Chiropractic is seeing patients, who were in pain, leave with a smile on their face. She likes that they find out what is wrong and that there is hope to fix it.


Growing up, massage was always a big part of Kristin’s life. So after having a career in the restaurant business, she decided to pursue her love of massage therapy. She started working for Dr. Hill in 2012, having never been to a chiropractor before. She had been skeptical of chiropractors growing up, but working at New Balance Chiropractic changed everything. She learned that Dr. Hill and his staff truly cared about their patients’ wellness and she got to see first-hand how chiropractic can help people. She believes massage and chiropractic work together to help people heal faster. She loves getting to educate patients about their bodies and how to take care of them.


Ellis started working at New Balance Chiropractic in 2009 after receiving his Massage Therapy License from the Cortiva Institute of Massage. Ellis had been to a number of chiropractors before, and he loves getting regularly adjusted with Dr. Hill. He said that since he’s been getting adjusted, he rarely ever gets sick anymore! He can tell that chiropractic helps his immune system. He believes chiropractic and massage should always go together so that healing can take place faster. His favorite part about working at New Balance Chiropractic is being able to educate patients on stretching and the importance of movement for the body.


Aimee became a Massage Therapist 6 years ago because she loved the hands on experience of helping people. She loves how chiropractic and massage work together to help people get back to 100%. Her favorite thing about working at New Balance Chiropractic is getting to know the patients and hear their stories.


Hanna grew up in Ethiopia and came to America when she was 18. She received her Massage Therapy license from Everest College in 2009, the same year she was in a car accident. Because of this accident, she became a chiropractic patient. Chiropractic, along with massage, helped her body heal, freeing her of the back and neck pain she suffered with from her accident. Because of her experience, she now works as a partner of chiropractic. She loves helping people live the pain-free and joyful life they were meant to live.